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What is Reach?
Reach Management
Reach is a brand new radio station for Chelmsford, established in August 2005. It is aimed at 13 to 24 year olds and plays music from the 1990ís to tomorrow's latest hits. We broadcast for up to two 28 day broadcasts a year over Chelmsford, providing the latest news and music.

We do this to gain a relationship with our listeners, and adjust our broadcast to suit the town each time. In return we get feedback to provide OFCOM (the airwave regulators) with evidence that we are what Chelmsford wants. If OFCOM agree, we can apply for a five year community licence.

Why is Reach different?
Reach is driven by aims: We aim to have our own dedicated news team, we aim to bring you the up-to-date information that Chelmsford needs to know, so our main aim is to serve the people of Chelmsford. We not only want to provide news, music and local information but we want to be different to offer an extra choice to Chelmsford.

How will Reach achieve this?
We will always give anyone the chance to become involved in radio - something which doesnít often happen in the media world. We train our volunteers up on all aspects of radio and you tell us what you want to do. In return, you go away with the experience that you can put on your C.V. Our volunteers will have learnt skills that are valuable in many workplaces, not just radio.

We want to provide a mixture of shows with various formats and music styles; much different to the local stations at the moment.

BROADCAST 1 - Summer 2006
After months of planning, hard work and sleepness nights Reach hit the airwaves on Saturday 8th July 2006 just after midnight. It was smiles all round! The broadcast got off to a flying start with all the computers and technology working perfectly and every volunteer giving their first show 110%... the extra 10% was nerves! The idea of "DIY radio" was well received across Chelmsford on 87.7 FM.

Anglia News Report As the broadcast approached the second weekend however, there was an unexpected problem that took the station off air. The transmitter equipment was located in central Chelmsford (for optimum coverage) in a secure location. Despite this, it was broken in to and the transmitter was stolen. Reach was silenced on the evening of Friday 14th July 2006. The theft made the lead story on local Anglia News and you can view the report online here (WMV format video).

Everyone who was involved with Reach, and everyone else who got in touch having seen the media coverage, was extremely helpful. Thank you too, to all our volunteers for being so understanding while the broadcast was silenced. Reach managed to secure another transmitter and securely installed it to begin transmitting again on Monday 17th July.

It was then all systems go for the next 3 weeks. Reach boasted a huge variety of output because each presenter was able to make the show fit their style. No repetitive chart tunes here!

The mood was high throughout the rest of the broadcast and the final show was no exception. Hosted by Aaron and Chris (and a broken PC for half an hour!), many presenters popped in to say thanks and pick up their certificate. Overall the few hours were a massive celebration of the last 28 days. We weren't counting but there were probably enough party poppers to celebrate 1 for every day! See the proof and browse the end of broadcast photos, if only to see Aaron with a wig on! Click here.

BROADCAST 2 - Proposed for Summer 2007
Join Reach Plans are currently under way for another Summer broadcast event. Before we can publish our proposed dates we want to be sure we have secured sufficient funding.

Summer is the most popular time thanks to the school, college and university holidays. Keep an eye on this website for more details. You will be the first to know!

Meanwhile you can register your interest and get an application form so that you can be registered to take part next time. If you supply an e-mail address we can easily keep you up-to-date with our progress. Please get in touch.