Saturday, July 14, 2007


Funding Rejected - Broadcast Postponed

Bad news I'm afraid! I have been made aware that our application for funding from our only hope has been rejected. I'm sorry to say this means that a broadcast event will not take place this year.

I have been on the phone to our friends at Chelmsford CVS who are working hard to try find another source that we maybe able to acquire some funding but this looks doubtful. Open funding this year has been poor, there isn't the funds out there as there were last year or the money just has not been available. Now with Local Network Fund on it's last few months, it doesn't look great!

Still, having said all that, we (Reach management) remain hopful that we can have an early year broadcast next year and start the training off for the start of 2008 and get Reach back where it belongs.... On the air!!

As always, we will let you know of any developments here, feel free to post comments or feedback and if you know anyone or business that maybe able to help.... you know where we are :-D

Cheers all! Hope to see you all soon!


Saturday, May 26, 2007


2012 Government Response

This was the response from 10 Downing Street regarding using the Lottery funding for 2012:

The Government understands that National Lottery funding is important to voluntary and community sector (VCS) organisations both large and small. In considering the future funding of the Olympics we have sought to reflect the concerns that VCS organisations raised with us, including through this e-petition. As outlined below, this includes ensuring that the VCS is protected from the recent transfer from the Big Lottery Fund.

The Government has always stated that the National Lottery would form a key part of the funding package for the Games, including contributing to any cost increases. This follows the Lottery's long standing tradition of supporting unique projects which aid regeneration and develop sporting and cultural experiences.

Following a rigorous assessment of the costs of the 2012 Games and associated regeneration, Tessa Jowell, the Secretary of State for Culture, outlined the revised budget for the Games and sources of the funding in a statement to Parliament on 15 March.

The vast majority of new funding will come from the Government. In total, central Government provision will be £6 billion. Alongside the increased Government contribution, the Lottery will make a further contribution of £675 million.

The majority of the lottery contribution (£425 million) will come from the Big Lottery Fund. As Tessa Jowell noted on the 15 of March, we have agreed with the Big Lottery Fund that resources for the VCS would be protected from this transfer. The amount going to the VCS will therefore continue at the levels planned. Given your concerns, we hope that you will welcome this approach.

The remaining £250 million will come from the other Lottery distributors, with the exception of UK Sport, between 2009 and 2012. The other distributors have said that this need not impact on any existing commitments. The impact on future commitments will be assessed in due course. The Government has also announced that the Lottery distributors will also have a call on the income generated when the Olympic site and assets are sold.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


How to: make great radio!

At Reach HQ we have been busy putting together a plan of course content for our training course. We will be offering everyone (previous members and new members) training in how to make their own radio show. It's not a case of sitting down and blabbing into a microphone you know!

A sneak peak of the training course involves lessons in using the hardware and software (you have to press the right buttons) and how to use your voice and what you should be saying.

If that sounds good to you please get in touch. It doesn't matter if you were part of Reach last time or not. The more people we train to make Reach sound brilliant, the better.

More training news as we have it. Don't go away! ;-)

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Local Network Fund - APPROVED!

It's offical! We had the total amount asked for approved which means we can start to plan and buy items for our training project.

Please watch this space and the website for more news! (It's all go now!)


Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Reach Proposal


As part of any funding application, you need to have a proposal for what you aim to do within a project. Reach is no exception! We have worked hard writing an updated proposal which can now be seen here.

We are soon near date for Local Network Fund, so fingers tightly crossed that we receive a grant from them so we can start the training!

Post back soon guys!


Thursday, March 08, 2007


Lottery funding taken for 2012!

Yep that's right, the government want to take money from these community pots of money like 'Awards for All' (Reach was funded from these) to pay for the £900 million shortfall for the Olympic and paralympic games 2012!

If this goes ahead then money that would have been used to fund groups like Reach wouldn't be able to go ahead. We want to put a stop to this as we feel it's unfair to everyone that might be relying on this fund to help their project.

However, there is still a chance to influence the government policy, so if you agree that voluntary and community organisations should not lose out to the rising costs of the infrastructure for the game, then sign this E-petition and take action.

You could do even more to help this matter by writing a letter to your local MP's and Gorden Brown, all information of which can be found here

We need to stand up and take action or otherwise your money on those lottery tickets may not make those causes that need it.

Thank you.

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Monday, February 26, 2007


Local Network Fund

Hello all,

Today was the deadline for Local Network Fund applications. We have applied for some cash to fund the training project we plan to have. This will help us gain some vital equipment and help towards the overall running of the project.

We shall know within 10 weeks from today if the application was successful, if it is, we are looking towards a 3 month training project starting in May. Keep those diary's free!

More information will follow regarding the training but the basic outline is that we want to provide a voluntary training guide that helps existing and new members to expand their skills. This would include all aspects of radio and prepare them for the real thing! After a 'session' of training, an audio file will be made available in a forum designed for members only. Other members can then listen and give advise on what they think might help them for the future.
All sounds very complicated I know but it will all become clearer nearer the time!

For now, keep the word out their about Reach and let us know if you have any ideas or thoughts on any aspect of the station.

Thanks all!


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